The BMW R5 Hommage


Motorcycle manufacturers commissioning one off specials is nothing new, in fact judging by the amount of PR blurb that we see in our in-tray it would appear that it has become de rigueur for any self-respecting marque that wants to flog their machines to the kind of discerning well-healed customers that demand something out of the ordinary.

P90219768_highRes_bmw-motorrad-r5-homa copy

Generally this seems to involve hiring a comparatively small custom shop to create something interesting from one of their boring best selling models by removing a few components (often including the mudguards), polishing and painting a few others and then wrapping the exhaust and bunging on some silly tyres.

P90219635_highRes_bmw-motorrad-r5-homa copy

This BMW however, is a whole different ball game. Rather than attempting a brat version of a modern machine, the German motorcycle meisters tasked brothers Ronny and Benny Noren – who have been building tailor-made customer bikes for over thirty years – with creating a true homage to a model that was a revolutionary thing of beauty in its day.

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