A beautiful biker jacket

When I met Dave and became his passenger I didn’t own any motorcycle specific clothing, as the only forms of transport that I used were the public variety. So for the past 6 years, while I’ve been riding pillion with him, I have been wearing his jackets and coats or indeed my own rather flimsy attire because once I am back on shank’s pony I want to look good.

Let’s face it; I am a woman, and a woman who is pleased by the aesthetics of something far more than its practicality. I am assured by Dave that such an attitude is bound to get a round of tut tuts and murmers about foolhardiness, but each to their own I say.

To complicate things even further though I have found with my advancing years that not only do I desire items that are stylish, I also need them to be comfortable. Imagine my dilemma then when Dave proposed the trip to meet up with TRD peeps at Jacks Hill Café, luring me with the promise of a Triumph, knowing that I have a weakness for a beautiful thing and I love how they look.

But what was I going to wear I fretted? I had absolutely nothing suitable. Being a carin’ sharin’ kind of guy Dave suggested I have a look through the extensive women’s range in the Held catalogue to see if there was anything I fancied. In all honesty I have looked at motorcycle gear over the years and it has never filled my heart with joy so I wasn’t really expecting to be blown away, but blown away I was as soon as I clapped eyes on the Shina jacket.

I was in love. It was perfect. I was already imagining myself wearing it on the back of the Triumph. The styling was perfection and different to anything else I have seen, not so much a ‘biker’ style item but something I would wear anyway. Once I knew it was on its way, I couldn’t stop talking about it and showing my colleagues at work pictures of it – especially the ones who ride bikes. Needless to say they were all mightily impressed.

And when it arrived it didn’t disappoint. It looks even better in the flesh. It’s gorgeous thick but supple leather that already looks worn in and it’s a snug fit that is both flattering and stylish. It has superb details including the pockets and buttons that make it stand out as something special and an amazing collar that will keep drafts well and truly at bay. It also features soft orange d3O armour at the shoulders and elbows, which is removable so I did.

It smells good, feels good and looks amazing; all in all it’s a wonderful thing that encompasses all my comfort and beauty requirements and would also fulfill the needs other riders prioritise such as safety and practicality.

Sadly the Triumph was neither comfortable nor secure enough – with no sissy bar or topbox to reassure me – to ride all the way to Leicester so we didn’t use it in the end (see Back to Jack’s). But hey who cares, I don’t have to wear it on a bike. In fact I may just sleep in it.

The Held Shina Ladies Leather jacket (Art. 5225) is available for around £310 from various outlets.

For further details visit the Held website which includes a ‘Find a dealer’ facility.

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