Mr Sheene

Sometime around the middle of May I spotted an Internet link to an article about one of my all time heroes so naturally I clicked on it. The photo tribute in the (London) Evening Standard said, “Yesterday marked 10 years since the death of motorcycling legend Barry Sheene” and it went on to reproduce a…

From the Editor

As of next month, I will have been involved with The Rider’s Digest for seventeen of its very nearly twenty years. My first contribution “International Rescue” appeared in issue 30 in February 2000 (and later as the first chapter of The Carin’ Sharin’ Chronicles). I took over the hot seat in January 2006 and in…

The BMW R5 Hommage

Motorcycle manufacturers commissioning one off specials is nothing new, in fact judging by the amount of PR blurb that we see in our in-tray it would appear that it has become de rigueur for any self-respecting marque that wants to flog their machines to the kind of discerning well-healed customers that demand something out of the ordinary.


This story has caused barely a ripple in the mainstream media but there’s been a fair bit of chatter within the ‘biking community’ and although the responses have varied widely – largely dependent on the kind of group who were discussing the issue – they have invariably all been ‘appalled’ for one reason or another.