Unintended Consequences

As an avowedly real world magazine, The Rider’s Digest has never been shy about commenting on subjects of a political nature, especially when they are particularly pertinent to our readership.

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Hands up everyone who remembers Boris’s Brexit bus? If that was one of the things that helped to convince you to vote ‘Leave’, how’s that been working out for you? Have you registered a noticeable improvement in NHS services in your area as a consequence of that much needed cash injection?

Or perhaps as a committed motorcyclist it was MAG’s EU Hands Off Biking” campaign, with its focus on the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and their nefarious plans to outlaw customisation by making it illegal to fit non standard parts – which would be enforced by the EU Super MOT; to ban older bikes from cities; to make hi-vis compulsory and a range of other draconian anti motorcycling measures that tipped the balance for you?

If you’ve found that you’re overjoyed by all the ways that Brexit has exceeded even your most optimistic expectations, you probably won’t be especially distressed to discover that the EU’s biking bogey was every bit as disingenuous as the ex PM’s promise to take care of the NHS. Other readers who haven’t been quite so convinced by Brexit’s bonuses, might be concerned to discover the extent to which they were manipulated and the sort of people who were behind that major mugging off.

A recent report by motorcycling academic Elaine Hardy PhD Unintended Consequences (Careful what you wish for) provides an interesting insight – complete with links, videos and footnotes – into the main players in the biking world and the many factors, going all the way back to 2011, that influenced the decision hold a referendum and our subsequent exit from the EU. So far it doesn’t seem to have attracted the sort of mainstream attention it merits, so we would love for you to read it and to share it and to add any comments you might consider relevant.




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