Riders’ Lives ~ Anthony Catalano   


1. What was your first motorcycling experience?

From what I remember – being a kid and riding a little 50cc in the back woods in Santa Cruz, CA. My cousin lived just on the other side of a ravine from me, there was a small creek we built a bridge across for the bike. However, it was shortly disassembled by the CCC (California Conservation Corps), a group that cleans up rivers and waterways. Such a bummer!

2. What is your current bike?

I have a (mostly) 1973 Triumph Bonneville T150. The tank is from a ’71 (which has an extra gallon of capacity), it has Norton pipes and some custom parts. I worked a vintage bike shop in college and had access to the lathe and all the random tools, so I took that opportunity to restore a basket case.

3. What bike would you most like to ride/own?

There are way too many and too pricey vintage bikes I’d like to own/ride, but the new Indian FTR1200 looks pretty awesome.

4. Hairiest moment on a bike?

Well, other than the all-too-occasional person not looking and pulling out in front you… One time I ran out of gas on a four lane highway on an uphill with no reserve petcock installed. I didn’t have time or space with traffic to get off to the side so I was stuck in a small median (central reservation – ed) for a while on a very busy highway until I got someone to bring me fuel.

5. What was your most memorable ride?

For my High School graduation my dad took me on a bike camping trip up the coast of central California on Highway 1. He rented a Harley Sportster for me while he had his Dyna convertible. My mom and siblings were in a follow vehicle with all the camping equipment and gear. Besides not having a full face helmet with all the sand and bees it was a great time and I won’t forget it.

6. What would be the ideal soundtrack to the above?

Hmm, well this was the year 2000 so I’m not sure what I would’ve been listening to then, but I don’t listen to music when riding. To pick some music anyways – maybe Bahamas, Timber Timbre or Little Hurricane.

7. What do you think is the best thing about motorcycling?

Being connected to the experience and in the moment feeling free. In most cars you feel so disconnected from the environment and the machine itself, but with a motorcycle it’s just all together in a way you can’t get enough of.

8. What do you think is the worst thing about motorcycling?

Cars, trucks, buses. The fumes, traffic, etc. I’m a fair weather rider and don’t commute so I can control that a bit.

9. Name an improvement you’d like to see for the next generation?

I’d like to see a motorcycle safety course required for all student drivers regardless of if they plan on riding a bike or driving a car. I think that would boost awareness overall and probably produce safer drivers and more motorcyclists!

10. How would you like to be remembered?

Just someone trying to make the earth a better place with music!

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