Stuck In The Web

Jacqui Furneaux’s ode to the freedom of the road

“I want to travel like you…” they say
But will not put their phones away.
“…Get lost amid the wilderness.
But first I’ll check the GPS.”
They will not let themselves be free
To trust the signs from A to B.
“I want to be like you” they say,
“And freely roam where e’re we may
And sleep with the sun at the end of the day. will choose our stay.”
Pre-booked rooms come at a cost
As priceless camping–free is lost.
So rarely if I’m in a pair
Do we wait to see what’s there.
I like to be off-line and free
With no blue arrows guiding me.
I wing it; travel on a whim,
Take risks. Go out upon a limb.
But wits aren’t needed on this run.
My senses dulled and going numb.
They say they want to follow me
If only Google maps agree.
No self-discovery on a whim
So I concede and follow him.
“I want to be like you” they say,
“And let the locals point the way.”
But local folk aren’t quick enough
A Google arrow does the stuff.
A screen is easier to read
A safe result with much more speed.
Maps always serve me very well
Why do they think it is such hell?
Now travelling is changed for me,
The path to take so curiously
Is pre-determined on a screen
It even shows you where you’ve been!
But I admit I’m glad it’s there
In cities and in places where
Endless riding round and round
Is saved because the net has found
The shortest way to get from here
To where we’d like to be quite near.
When one is lost in dead of night
The arrow is a welcome sight.
I’m happy having company
And like to share the world I see
But more and more I feel I’m led
To organise my ways instead.
Am I just a dinosaur?
And should I get more modern or
Head off solo on a track?
Should I hit the RIGHT road, Jac?



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